Little Acorns

Nursery Team

Little Acorns – Mrs Ellershaw is back!!

Welcome to the Acorn Unit – This summer half term learning details can be found here.


To provide a happy and secure environment to which your child will want to come.
Encourage your child to become confident when communicating with adults and other children.
Encourage your child to play with other children and to develop friendships.
Encourage your child to become more confident and independent.
Foster the development of a lively and enquiring mind through a wide range of experiences and activities.

All our staff are friendly and welcoming.

Class Teacher- Mrs Ellershaw
Nursery Assistant- Mrs Bell

Nursery Assistant- Mrs Nallamilli

Each child has a key worker who helps them with their learning.


Nursery children will be taking part in activities, which are planned for, from the Six Areas of Learning:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Communication, Language and Literacy
Problem Solving Reasoning and Number
Knowledge and Understanding of the World
Physical Development
Creative Development


Children arrive and self-register.

Children’s own choice of activities

Formal registration and focus group time, phonics/story or number time.

Children’s choice of activities including an adult led activity.

Outdoor play/snack time.

Whole group time.


In the foundation stage we look at different topics from People who helps us to Traditional Tales. The children enjoy practical activities especially when visitors come.

We listen to and adapt our activities to meet every child’s needs.