Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets

Reading is an important skill. At St Teresa’s we believe reading is fundamental and the key to children’s learning journey. By developing this important skill and a love of reading children will succeed in other areas of the curriculum and throughout life.

Through the Reading Rockets Programme children in Years 1& 2 are supported in their reading by Mrs Clipston a specially trained Reading Teacher. Children taking part in Reading Rockets make accelerated progress in their reading.

Children throughout school are monitored and tracked using Lexia an online phonics based reading programme developed to give each child a specific learning package to address their individual needs. This has proved to be very successful and popular with the children who can also use the package at home. Please see Mrs Clipston if you require instructions to log on at home. Certificates are available when the challenges have been completed.

There has been investment in new reading books and library books for the school to enrich the choices of books children can choose. Earlier this year the children took part in a sponsored read and listen to raise money to buy new books for their class libraries. As a school throughout the year we take part in reading challenges and competitions to encourage children to read we are currently taking part in the National Literacy Trust’s Premier League Reading Stars challenge.

Again this year we are taking part in the FBA (Fantastic Book Awards) we have a group of very enthusiastic readers who enjoy reading the selection of books during reading club.

Reading Strategies Checklist

Suggested Internet sites; (Lexia download instructions) (download Lexia to your computer here, please ask for the school code) (online ebooks and games to support phonics and reading) (BBC phonics, literacy based activities for KS1 & 2) (BBC Bitesize revision KS1 & 2 SATS) (support with reading at home and lots of games not just Reading!)