St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

All children need to be in school by 8:45am

Thank you to all parents for your help and support in our quest to improve attendance.  We need you to continue to ensure that your child/ren attends school every day, but we also need you to ensure they arrive no later than 8:45am.  Last week, almost 10 hours of learning were lost due to lateness!  Lack of punctuality is disruptive and affects learning and behaviour, not only of the pupil who is late, but it has an impact on all other learners as the teacher is required to recap on missing learning for those who arrive late.  This reduces learning time for the rest of the class.


Punctuality is also an essential workplace skill which must be learnt at school.  At St Teresa’s our expectation is that pupils start learning in their classrooms at 8.50am.  Therefore pupils need to be in school no later than 8:45am.  Please support us in ensuring your child arrives at school everyday, on time, in correct uniform and with appropriate equipment for the day (eg reading books, homework, PE/swimming kit).