St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Consultation – Change in the legal stance of the Nursery

Following many discussions with our staff and governors, I write to consult with you on our plans to run our Nursery and Pre-school provision as Governor led at St. Teresa’s Catholic Primary School.  Specifically, the proposal is to reinstate the age range of St. Teresa’s Catholic Primary School to 4 – 11 Years, as opposed to the current 3 – 11 Years. The proposal has arisen as a result of an increased need for more staff in our nursery in order to offer the highest quality educational experience for nursery age children that prepares them well for the Reception class in our school.


Our Nursery and Pre-School would have OfSTED at the same time, you will see some of the same familiar faces and the hours will remain the same. We would also be able to offer a more flexible approach to days and times to meet your needs. Miss Stuart will remain to be the EYFS leader and Miss Gregory will be the Pre-School manager.


The structure of the day for St. Teresa’s Nursery will reflect that of the school.

Morning session 8:45-11:45, Lunch 11:45-12:15 (Packed lunch only), Afternoon session 12:15-3:15

This allows us to offer a flexible approach to meet your needs – full day provision and the option of paying for any additional hours required. Every 3 year old is entitled to 15 hours free; some are entitled to a further 15 hours of extended entitlement for free. Other may be able to pay for any additional hours.   These potential fees are in line with other local providers and reflect the high quality staffing and environment (£4.21 per hour). There will be no disruption to our current provision and there will be no impact on the current function or quality you are already used to receiving.


This consultation ends on Friday 10th July 2020.

Our governing body will consider any feedback you may wish to offer before making a final recommendation run our Nursery as a separate Governor led Section 27.  Please contact school for any further information, we are always here to help.


With my many thanks for your continued support.


Yours sincerely

Mrs R Hughes

Head Teacher