St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Free school meals during lockdown 3

Following the Guidance from the DfE:

School will offer our school lunches as normal. Nothing has changed so:
  • If you normally pay for a school dinner, you will continue to pay via the office
  • If your child receives a lunch free of charge, this remains the same.
  • If your child brings a packed lunch, this can also continue


Support for pupils who have to stay at home
Under normal circumstances, schools do not provide free school meals to eligible children who are not in school, but during the national lockdown, we will continue supporting children eligible for benefits-related free school meals who are at home during term time.

Eden Red are apparently re-opening this week so I will order vouchers to be delivered to your email address for Aldi only. I will be using the email details given to school.

Please note that you cannot order a food parcel or vouchers if your child attends school. You cannot opt to provide them with a packed lunch in order to claim the vouchers or food parcel.

If anyone is struggling to access food, please contact school and we will do our very best to help.

Yours sincerely
Mrs R Hughes
Head Teacher