St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Restricted opening for children with confirmed places

We contacted all eligible families on Monday 15th June to see how many children would be returning to school next week and we sent a text on Tuesday explaining that we needed numbers for planning purposes.  We are sorry that we only have limited room for a reduced number of children to return on Monday 22 June and are now at full capacity in Reception and Year 6 classes.  Children who wish to return but do not have a confirmed place will be added to a list and we can sort a plan out for rota – some children in one week every fortnight or a part time basis depending upon numbers.  If you have received confirmation from us that we have allocated a place for your child on Monday 22nd, please ensure that read and follow the instructions and guidelines below:


  • Nursery, Reception, Y1 and Y6 classes on 22nd June, Mondays to Thursdays only. They will NOT attend school on Fridays.
  • We will continue with FSM vouchers even if the children attend school unless we are told otherwise.
  • Normal lunches are available- if it was free, it still is
  • Any child wishing to bring a packed lunches, they must use a disposable bag and disposable bottle
  • On Monday 22nd only we are using staggered starting times (see below). If you are bringing more than one child to school, they can all start at the earliest time.
  • From Tuesday 23rd school start times will be normal-doors open at 8:40, lessons start at 8:50.
  • Please try to be on time. Gates will be closed promptly so late arrivals will have to come to the office door (One family only in the indoor area)
  • Children will be in uniform (PE shorts allowed) and pumps will be needed for PE (PE kits not needed)
  • Year 6 children will use the hall entrance on Monday 22nd only but then revert back to the Y5/Y6 corridor door
  • Key worker group will use the normal front gate and the Y3/Y4 corridor door
  • Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children will use the field gate and then proceed to their room. Mrs Hughes will be at the gate
Colours Current class Classroom Main teachers Times for Monday 22nd June
Yellow Nursery children Reception classroom Ms Gregory 9.30 am – 11.30 am
Red Reception children Y1 classroom Mrs Burton 9.15 am- 3.00 pm
Blue Y1 children Y2 classroom Ms Stuart 8.50 am – 3.00 pm
  Y6 children Y5/Y6 room Mrs Waterhouse and Ms Fell 8.50 am – 3.10 pm
Green Keyworker children Y4 Mrs Dixon and Mrs Whiteside 8.50 am – 3.10 pm
  • Keyworker’s children will continue to come to school Monday–Friday