St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

School Opening - Monday 4th January

You may have heard a lot of debate in the press about school’s only opening for the children of key workers and vulnerable children. 


Dr Sakthi Karunanithi, Director of Public Health and Wellbeing stated that "Although infection rates are on the rise in Lancashire, we are not in the same situation as London and the South East of England where the new variant has really taken hold. That means that we can and should encourage schools to stay open where they can. Clearly this is a fast-moving situation and must be kept under constant review, both locally and by government."


The Governors and I have decided to open our school as planned on 4th January for ALL our children.


We will do our very best to keep our children and staff safe so please remember the following:

▪️Only enter school grounds if it is absolutely necessary - ideally wait by the school gate

▪️If you must enter the grounds, please wear a face covering unless you are exempt

▪️If anyone in the family has Covid symptoms, the whole family must isolate and please inform school

▪️Anyone who has been in close contact with someone with a positive test, you must isolate and inform school

▪️Children will need to wear warm clothing as the classrooms will remain well ventilated even if the temperature drops


We will be reviewing our risk assessment. We have worked hard to keep the children and staff safe and we will continue to do so. 


This is not the start that anyone wants to 2021 but we pray that everyone will be safe and happy. 

Mrs Hughes.