St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Thank you from Mrs Hughes – update on further reopening 23 June 2020

It has been lovely to have more children back in school. A school is such a quiet, sad place without children! We now have 59 children in school. We are missing those children who are unable to attend but look forward to seeing them in September.


I would like to say a great big “THANK YOU” to all the staff including cleaners, caretaker, kitchen staff as well as the office, TA and teachers. They have all worked together to transform the school into the class bubbles with restrictions and changes in almost every aspect of daily life – from toilets, to dining routines, to teaching areas and playtimes etc. Staff have all mucked in to clean, tidy, move and make things happen. They have worked hard to support your children.


I would also like to say a big “THANK YOU” to the parents and the children. The children have returned calmly. They are following the new routines and guidelines. It is a little confusing being in different classes, sometimes with different teachers. Parents have also been very supportive and understanding. I know parents are anxious about the children returning and are equally anxious if they don’t return. We will do our very best to support you whether the children are in school or not. Home learning grids and online learning will continue to support those who are not in school. Please contact the school if you have any worries or concerns. I also understand that most children not being in school on Fridays can be troublesome but it is the only way we can do a deep clean weekly. Our lunchtime and after school cleans are very good but the deep clean is a necessary requirement.


Reports will be emailed out shortly. If you would like to speak to the class teacher or myself, please phone to make arrangements.


School vouchers will be continuing throughout the summer. We are having building work done so will be unable to offer any holiday clubs. We will share any information regarding local holiday clubs with you as soon as the information comes into school.


Thank you for your kind words and support during this very difficult time. I am grateful that our little school family seems to be safe and well. Our thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who has lost a loved one.


Stay safe and keep smiling


Mrs R Hughes

Head Teacher