St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Little Acorns (Nursery)

Miss Gregory, Mrs Hodgkinson and Miss Nallamilli warmly welcome you to the Nursery Class Page.


We aim to provide a happy, secure, friendly and stimulating environment in which children can develop and grow. Your child enters Nursery as an experienced learner eager to explore the world around them. They bring from home a great deal of knowledge about themselves and their world. We hope to be able to work together to build on and extend their developing interests, skills and experiences. We believe that through first-hand experiences children can meet challenges, make decisions and think creatively and critically. We are committed to working in partnership with parents: by working together, we can enhance learning.


The EYFS Curriculum 

Our children explore a rich and stimulating curriculum based on the seven areas of development:

Personal, Social & Emotional Development,
Communication & Language,
Physical Development,
Understanding the World,
Expressive Arts & Design.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development
This includes: making positive relationships, developing self-confidence and self-awareness and effectively managing feelings and behaviour. The children have a variety of opportunities to work with one another both in adult-led and child initiated activities. On a daily basis we have circle time to encourage children to share their feelings. 

Communication & Language
This includes: listening and attention, speaking and listening. Throughout the day, children have frequent opportunities to develop these skills. We read lots of stories, and take turns and listen to one another on the carpet. Our role play areas provide rich language development and allows them to trial and test new vocabulary in a purposeful way.

Physical Development
This includes: moving & handling and health & self-care. Every Friday we have P.E sessions to develop key skills. In our continuous provision, the children have access to a variety of activities to develop their fine and gross motor skills. We also have access to large construction equipment. Our topic sessions provide opportunities for children to learn about independence and keeping healthy.

This includes: reading and mark making. Our curriculum currently follows the reading scheme ‘Letters and Sounds’. The children have access to daily phonics sessions, which underpins their reading development. We encourage you to read as much as possible with your child as it provides children with a wealth of oppurtunites such as a widened vocabulary and a wild imagination to name a few!

This includes: numbers and shape, space & measures. We have short daily maths sessions, where the children are given first-hand experiences to learn specific concepts. We believe in a practical approach to learning and use a variety of resources to develop children’s knowledge and understanding. We also learn rhymes, sing songs and read stories to help us.

Understanding The World
This includes: learning about people & communities, the world and technology. Our topic sessions ensure that children have opportunities and experiences to develop their current knowledge about the world. For example; we learn about our local environment, life-cycles and the world around us. We take children out on curriculum related trips such as local area walks to consolidate their knowledge further, as we believe that children learn best through first-hand experiences.

Expressive Arts & Design
This includes: exploring & using different media & materials and being imaginative. We have designated art areas in our continuous provision, where the children have constant access to a wide variety of materials. We also hold regular music/dance sessions to encourage the children to represent their feelings and emotions in different ways. The children’s interests are taken into account which we develop on and provide stimulating experiences to promote their ideas further.




Our Nursery offers morning sessions which run from 8.40am - 11.40am. However we do offer the 30 hours funding if you qualify.


Children arrive and self-register.

Children’s own choice of activities

Formal registration and focus group time, phonics/story or number time.

Children’s choice of activities including an adult led activity.

Outdoor play/snack time.

Whole group time.