St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Reading Stars

Reading Rockets


Reading is an important skill. At St Teresa’s we believe reading is fundamental and the key to children’s learning journey.  By developing this important skill and a love of reading children will succeed in other areas of the curriculum and throughout life.


We celebrate Reading with a Reading Rocket Reward system. Every time a child reads at home they earn points on their Reading Rocket Chart. After every 25 reads they are awarded a certificate and a prize. The more they read the more prizes they can get!



Home Reading


Being a confident reader allows your child to succeed in all areas of our school curriculum. We encourage children from Reception – Year 6 to aim to read at home daily. This does not need to be a full book and 5 minutes extra reading can make all the difference.

Each time your child reads at home they will work their way to receiving a prize and certificate for 25, 50, 75, 100, 125 and 150 reads.  We would love your help in supporting your child to reach these certificates. Class teachers will only record a home read if you have signed your child’s reading record (initials is fine). In KS2 the children may record the date, title of the book themselves but will still need you to sign the record.


Thank you for your continued support and the time you already put into home reading. It is fantastic to see the progress of the children who are reading regularly in school and at home. If you have any questions about home reading or need support, please dojo message your class teacher.