St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Breakfast Club

What A Great Way to Start the Day!

If you would like your child to attend our school Breakfast Club please contact the office and enquire about our free taster session (first week free).


The price after that will be 50p daily if your child receives free school dinners or £1 a day if they don’t.


Doors open at 8am and breakfast is served between 8-8.35am.


We offer a variety of breakfast items and our new menu will include themed breakfasts throughout the year.


Your child will be able to be a Breakfast Buddy where we pair up the older children with the young ones.


We have lots of games and activities with something to suit every age group.


NB: the breakfast club provision is not open to Nursery children in Autumn or Spring term and is offered on an individual basis if needed in agreement with the leadership team.