St Teresa's Catholic Primary School


Year 3 are having weekly lessons from Lancashire Music Service learning how to play the ukulele. Each week they learn new skills.


Here is an overview of what the children will be learning. 


Autumn Term:

Learn the difference between notes, intervals and chords

Learn chords C, F, and G

Make a chord progression

Play and perform a Christmas song (Jingle Bells)

Play a melody on a single string (Happy Birthday)


Spring Term:

Learn 2 popular songs on ukulele (I'm Yours, Three Little Birds)

Recap chord progressions

Improve timing and rhythmic ability

Learn chords D7, Am


Summer Term:

Learn 2 more popular songs on ukulele (Chasing Cars, Happy)

Learn chords A5, D, E, Dbmaj7, F7

Play a melody on multiple strings

Refine rhythmic and timing capabilities


End of year performance