St Teresa's Catholic Primary School


In the modern world that we live in it is essential to develop our children’s skills in Maths. As a result, our Maths curriculum at St Teresa’s we provide our children with the skills and opportunities that promote the full potential of each child, as recognised by God.

We do this by providing the children with a broad and balanced maths curriculum, which is aspirational and linked to other areas of the curriculum, where possible. We strive to give our children a range of opportunities to implement their maths skills and to see their use in day-to-day life by providing opportunities for cross-curricular maths sessions. We give them chances to use their maths skills in practical ways by all children having access to a range of practical equipment across all Key Stages.

Together with quality first teaching and a wide range of intervention opportunities we ensure that we develop our children’s maths skills to prepare our children to be citizens of the 21st century