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The Mark 10 Mission - The Son of Man Coming in the Clouds


It's Friday and our new liturgy is here! 


The Mark 10 Mission - The Son of Man Coming in the Clouds


In this liturgy, we hear Jesus explaining to his friends what will happen when he comes again. Fr Henry shares the Gospel and Liam invites us to imagine how Jesus will appear when he comes in the clouds with great power and glory. We also reflect upon how we can always trust in Jesus’s promises. Our liturgy concludes with a beautiful time of worship led by Angel.


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The Mark 10 Mission

St Teresa's Feast Day


As a school, all children celebrated St Teresa's feast day on 1 October 2020 with socially distanced worship in school.  Father John came to school to bless the bibles and also to bless the statue of St Teresa which has been relocated near the school entrance. 


St Teresa's “little way” was to do all the ordinary things with extraordinary love. Therese saw herself as a child of God. She liked to keep things simple and focused as a child does. Trust, especially trust in God, is a childlike virtue. She believed and taught us that life presents enough challenges and opportunities for grace. She teaches us that God is everywhere - in every situation and person - and in the ordinary, simple details of life.